Hotel Relais de Font Mourier

In a private and safe residence, immersed in the tranquillity of a splendid pinewood located in Cogolin, a sunny town that dominates the gulf of Saint-Tropez in the Cote d'Azur, you will find relaxation in a3 star hotel with pool, sauna and tennis court. Whether you're trueeco-tourists, inveterate sports buffs expert, tasters, artcritics, hopeless romantics, a lazy bones or traveling for business, the luxuriant Provence, the splendid Cote d'Azur and its sunny dishes will fill you with immense joy.


A friendly hotel, the hotel residence Font Mourier radiates warmth and hospitality. In the green vegetation of the pinewood, the hotel invites you to relax and rest.The fully equipped pool area is a timeless place, ideal for sunbathing, where you will be lulled by the sound of the cicadas and totally enjoying thewellnessthat you were searching for.

In total relaxation, you will begin your day in thebrightdining room on the pool's edge. You'll be free to decide whether to spend a lazy dayon thebeachesof theCote d'Azur, or venture intoSaint-Tropezor lose yourself completely in the impressive landscapes of theProvencal countryside.

However, nothing stops you from sitting under a pine tree, reading that good book that you promised you were going to read but never did...Should you break the idyllic peace during a strenuous match on the tennis courtyou can always refresh your competitive spirit by diving into the pool and taking refuge in the invigoratingsauna.


Relais de Font Mourier, at the foot of the Maures Mountain Range, close to Saint-Tropezand its beaches, only 2 km from the sea, welcomes you to a friendly atmosphere, in the heart of a pinewood filled with Provencal colors and fragrances.The starting point of many activities, ranging from water sports (scuba diving, sailing, kite surfing, jet skiing ect) to hiking, to art galleries, food and wine tours jet-setting and glamour.

Cogolin itself has different historic-artistic interest points. Its handicraft arts produces terracotta items, the renowned Provencal fabrics, the famous pipes, whilst the Provencal markets, framed in the beautiful medieval environment, sell typical products.
In the hinterland take a moment to visit Gassin,one of the most beautiful towns in France! It is a small medieval town that depends on its local economy based on vine-growing with an extraordinary 360 view of the peninsula from its promontory. Hills, cork-trees, vineyards and, all the way on the bottom, the blue of the Mediterranean Sea, as far as the eye can see...

Grimaud, with its feudal castle keeping guard on the sea, is also seductive. Visit its Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions.A medieval town on the seashore with a modern pile-dwelling city at its feet:Port Grimaud, also known as the Venice of Provence.In a nutshell, that is how you can describe Grimaud.

Hotel Saint Tropez

Ramatuelle will be your refuge! Many astarhas fallen in love with this age-old little town, which clings to the hills, in the middle of the vineyards, with its houses overlooking the beaches ofPampelonne.A blaze ofbougainvilleaand sun, here you'll enjoy, under the shade of an olive tree, paintings, typical wooden, fabric and wicker products and the Provencal bistrots. Furthermore Ramatuelle hosts international events such as the Festival de Jazz (Jazz Festival) and the Festival de Musique Classique (Classic Music Festival).

From the hotel residence Font Mourier you can also reach theGulf of St.Tropez,where you can go on numerous excursions from the marinas of Cogolinand Port-Grimaud.With the famous Saint-Tropez, city of art, culture and traditions, you will think of the jet-set, yachts, shopping, Brigitte Bardot but also of Picasso, Prévert, Signac and the Impressionists.Visit it and you will understand why this historic place continues to exert an irresistible charm. With fashions that come and go, Saint-Tropez has knowingly preserved the joy of a Provencal town on the Mediterranean Sea.While you saunter along, you'll discover:markets,bistrots, restaurants, fisherman and bowls players.The dreamy myth of Saint-Tropez has always made this town the main destination for many celebrities, sea lovers, history, art buffs!
You'll find it hard to go back home...
Winter in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, for a moment of relaxation in Provence

During a weekend or for a few days come and discover or re-discover themore authentic part of the Gulf of Saint Tropez. From October to March, you will find a whole new world:with a milder sun and more vivid landscape, in a blaze of light.
The weather is milder for loafers, lovers of nature, art, sports, food and wine is during this period that you will enjoy, just like a realgourmet, the Gulf of Saint Tropez.
The Gulf of Saint-Tropez off season, the magic still continues...